The latest and best browser based MMO game; Monsters MMORPG has quickly become extremely popular and being so I have made this review:
The Fantastic Features:
  • A multitude of monsters, maps and moves to experience
  • A player base of over 400,000
  • New Features being added constantly
  • Totally free to play, all content , from the monster dex to the avatar’s
  • Easy to play, with explanative video tutorials for new users
  • Very low to no computer power required
  • No downloads or plug-ins required
  • Community generated, focused and driven
  • A computer engineer as the designer, providing a safe playing experience
The Bad Features:
  • Doesn’t have cool animations
  • Poorly designed website theme
Rating: 8.1/10
Review By MMO Games Expert

Monster MMORPG is one of the newest and coolest browser based MMORPGs out there. So you might think “what makes this game different, unique and worth my time to play?” In this review I will answer these questions.

To start off with, Monster MMORPG is the product of three years hard work by the developer, who is a computer engineer from Turkey. While the game has been and is being only developed by the developer, the amazing artwork throughout the game is thanks to not only volunteer artists, but also commissioned artists, they are a key art to the Monster MMORPG sites success, the game gets its power from talented digital artists worldwide.

Monster MMORPG has some of the most creative and high quality game avatars which you can use for your profile, they make Monsters MMORPG that much better than the competition.

Monster MMOPRPG has a jaw dropping selection of unique monsters, being collected from various talented artists from sites like DeviantArt. Monster MMORPG has a full monster dex feature to see experience the entire selection of stunning monster’s in.

As well Monster MMORPG has extremely high quality maps, with the amount of maps to explore through you will never know a bored moment in Monster MMORPG. In fact the developer has recently hired a professional pixel artist to get 520 awesome game maps.

Here are several of the new maps:
[Image: 075-route62.PNG] [Image: 076-route63.PNG] [Image: 077-route64.PNG] [Image: 078-route65.PNG] [Image: 079-route66.PNG]

The developer is also planning to add even more monsters to the already sizeable selection; he plans to get even more talented artists from sites such as DeviantArt to design these monsters. Each contributor gets their name placed on their name placed on the Monster MMORPG credits page, which can serve as a very good job reference for artists. The developer doesn’t just collect from the volunteer artists; he also has hired a professional monster designer for new amazing quality monsters.

Here is a small selection of these new high quality monsters:

Erdegon (Dragon & Ground): [Image: 052_Erdegon.png]

Serperor (Dragon & Psychic): [Image: 053_Serperor.png]

Dracorpio (Dragon & Bug): [Image: 054_Dracorpio.png]

Decesile (Dragon & Ghost): [Image: 055_Decesile.png]

Sarcuda (Dragon & Water): [Image: 056_Sarcuda.png]
As mentioned, the volunteer artists to provide a large driving force for Monster MMORPG. For example the talented volunteer artists have started to redraw the current monsters to achieve an even higher quality for the users. Here is a small selection of these monsters:

[Image: 646Volcaurus.png] [Image: 647Zonench.png] [Image: 648Tsunidle.png] [Image: 649Stellack.png] [Image: 650Spiralaxy.png]

If you happen to be a digital artist, you too could contribute to Monster MMORPG and get your name known by the massive gamer community.

It also should be mentioned that Monster MMORPG has a very large forum for player’s to meet each other, sign up for tourney’s, find out the latest news, ask questions and discuss things.

As well, the game has extremely in-depth game play tutorial videos so that you can get playing even faster, they provide a very good resource if you are unfamiliar with pokemon style online games.

When you start the game you chose a starting monster, as well as an over world sprite. You can walk around using either the a,s,d,w key’s the arrow keys of the arrow buttons on the screen, although the keyboard buttons make the game feel more fluent in terms of movement, during your travel’s you will encounter various monsters hiding in the grass.

If you’re the type of gamer who likes to know exactly what the game looks like before getting into it , then we have you covered as well, Monster MMORPG offers HD screenshots to expand your idea of the game., as well as HD game banner’s, for wherever you may be.

Finally the best way to see how amazing and unique this game is , is to try it out. Just hit the register button then login to the game after you have registered and start your amazing adventure.